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Portfolio of Work

Problem Solve Action Plan

Outbound problem solve packages experiencing a large dwell time and would frequently accumulate. Implemented an action plan that involved process improvements, root-cause analysis, and changing of work culture for a 50% increase in the reliability of our problem solve team meeting their daily goals.

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Upgrade and Change Equipment

Installed new semiconductor lithography equipment. Coordinated with other technicians, machine operators, management, and vendors to bring equipment online. Created ISO 9001 training standard for equipment and trained associates on how to use equipment.

Image by L N

Hip Implant

The hip joint gives stability to the human body. Overtime the wear and tear at the joint requires a replacement through surgery. For this surgery to be successful, the replacement needs to be designed to minimize stress, mass, and deformation while fitting the physiological constraints of the patient.


3D Printed Micro-Centrifuge

A micro-centrifuge is an important piece of lab testing equipment that allows for the testing of samples such as blood. Our product is able to complete a rapid COVID-19 blood test in 30 minutes with a unit cost of $50. This will allow us to bring rapid testing to more people at an affordable cost.

Science Lab

Corn Harvester

Our goal for our harvest robot is to build an automated corn harvesting system for small scale farms. This harvest robot should be able to harvest at a similar rate as compared to humans while requiring minimal oversight. This approach should allow us to meet food and labor demand by preventing harvest loss.


Mechanical Workbench

The function of this project is to build a functional workbench with multi-purpose use. It accomplishes this by allowing the user to adjust between multiple configurations of storage, overall dimensions, and adjustable height through different mechanical systems. The systems include a strong and lightweight frame and a motorized lift system.

Watchmaker Workbench

Formula 1 Frame

Used SolidWorks 3D CAD in order to draft sketches for formula 1 car racing chassis, used engineering analysis to make improvements to geometry and chassis performance. Coordinated with team members to build final drawing packs to finalize engineering specifications such as fasteners, assembly, and process.

Image by Philip Myrtorp
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